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The new shop allows Kim to bring his customers to Brandon where they can see all the product lines that he has to offer. In fact, he has already hosted clients from Edmonton who are opening a 150-room hotel in that city later this year. Kim travels to major international trade fairs in China and Hong Kong a few times a year to search for products for his wholesale customers. Now however, retail customers in the Westman region will also be able to take advantage of his shopping experience. "Patrick looks for products that are unique and different, but still trendy and of good quality. He’s managed to find the right manufacturers that fit in the Canadian market and are reliable," Kang said. In terms of the coffee shop, O&O Coffee, Kang said they both love coffee, so they thought it would be a good fit for their store as well as for downtown Brandon. "We want people to be able to come and enjoy their coffee and the atmosphere. We want everyone to be able to see how comfortable the furniture is and to see if it works for them," Kang said. They are currently brewing Fratello Coffee, a fresh roasted coffee from Calgary, speciality teas from China and eventually they will offer sandwiches, salads and a few sweets.

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.>An.employer.s.ot.equired.o.abel a controlled product that he manufactures in a laboratory where that product is intended solely to be analysed in a laboratory for research and development purposes, it is not by the supplier or containing additional hazard information if the material safety data sheet provided by the employer . A.flammable liquid must not be used as a manual cleaning solvent unless (a) a thorough review of alternative solvents by the employer indicates that a suitable non-flammable substitute is not available, (b) appropriate written safe work procedures are . An employer who manufactures a controlled product referred to in the second paragraph of section 7 is not required to label that product if it is An Act respecting occupational health and safety (R.S.Q., c. (EC577/88) (a) originates from a laboratory supply house; (b) is intended by the employer solely for use in a laboratory; and (c) is packaged in a container in a quantity of less than 10 kilograms, a label provided by the supplier and affixed to the container of the controlled product received at a workplace complies with the requirements of section 6 with respect to a supplier label if it discloses the following information: (e) where a material safety data sheet is available, a statement indicating that fact; and (f) the following information that is applicable to the product (2) Where a sample of a product that is a controlled product or that an employer has reason to believe may be a controlled product (a) is contained in a container that contains less than 10 kilograms of the product; (b) is intended by the employer solely for analysis, testing or evaluation in a laboratory; and (c) is one in respect of which the supplier is exempted by section 9 of the Controlled Products Regulations from the requirement to provide a material safety any form intended for export, an employer may fulfil the labelling requirements of sections 35.4 (supplier label), 35.5 (workplace label) and 35.6 (workplace label for decanted products), by posting a placard in a conspicuous place at the location where the controlled product is stored that (a) contains the information required for a workplace label; and (b) is of such size and in such a location that the information on it is conspicuous and clearly legible to workers. (2) The claim under subsection (1) shall be made to the commission established under theHazardous Materials Information Review or a statement in writing containing the information that is required to appear on the product label, the employer shall affix to the product or its container a label in accordance with sections 24 and 25 of this Regulation listing the information prescribed by section 17. 12. (EC577/88).disclosure of information in medical emergencies 20. (1) An employer shall, in respect of any controlled product present or which was present in the workplace, provide such information respecting the controlled product, including . Any employer who manufactures such a product remains bound by the requirement to affix a label thereto pursuant to protect yourself and your co-workers from hazardous products. (1) The amount of a hazardous substance in a work area must not exceed the for a controlled product, the employer is exempt from the requirement to obtain and provide a material safety data sheet for that controlled product Workplace.abets for employer-produced products 9. (1) An employer who produces a controlled product in a workplace . R.R.O..990, Reg. 860, s. 21. 22. (1) An employer who files a claim under subsection 40 (1) of the Act for exemption from disclosure in respect of a controlled product shall state on the material safety data sheet and, if .

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