A Simple Overview Of Tactics For Transportation Of Dangerous Goods

On each GHS label, six specific items of data are required: Product Name or Identifier; Hazard Statement; Signal Word; GHS Pictogram symbols; Precautionary Statement; and Supplier Information. In place of the familiar black and white pictogram symbols previously used in safety labeling, GHS labels require pictogram symbols that convey hazard information with a red diamond border. “A lot of people still don’t fully understand GHS labeling requirements, particularly at the small to mid-sized company level,” says Webb. “They are unsure of what goes onto a GHS label and how to get it.” Webb notes that as a safety and compliance consultant, she often shows clients how to use free GHS label software available online and how to print labels from their desktop printers. She says that such GHS label software is intuitive, like using an app or a Microsoft Word template. The crucial GHS label data can be accessed almost instantly from online databases and formatted to GHS requirements. Much of the necessary information can be obtained, in fact, by simply entering a substance’s Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) number. “Avery provides a lot of the GHS label chemical info on their website,” says Webb. “My clients save it on their PCs, so they don’t have to go back online.

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